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About Sommet Sports

Creating the Dream…

The Birth of Sommet Sport

A group of friends were having a quiet one in their local and talk shifted to the lack of decent freely available sports for the good Kiwi viewer to enjoy.

They remembered the days when sport was on everyone’s television, devoid of subscriptions and contracts, decoders and cards.

As the afternoon began to fade talk shifted to wondering if good kiwi guys and girls would ever see such an iconic thing again. Then they realised that they were themselves good kiwi’s, and they did want to see free sport on television again.

So who would offer New Zealand such a thing that most had now considered long gone? They couldn’t see any current market players going there.

As the late afternoon turned to evening a plan began to take shape. What if they were to build such a dream?

The beginnings of Sommet Sport TV came alive that night. The plans set in motion, the excitement heightened, the commitment forged, and so the journey was begun…

“If you build it, they will come.”

We built it and they are coming.